Mad Artist

Defining my own style is a very tricky and long term process since I want to create something unique! So for me art is both hobby and a serious deal :)


By commissioning me you are agreeing with the terms listed below.
Terms can be changed, based on a written mutual agreement established prior to the commission.

I am an artist who doesn't shoo away from a new and exciting challenge! Therefore I do tend to draw many different things and experiment with all sorts of designs. However, there are a few things which I will not draw, such as:- NSFW
- Mecha
- Gore and splatter
- M-preg
- Clustered character designs

How to...?

How do I commission you and what is needed from me?

To submit a commission inquiry, please use the contact form above or send an email to [email protected]
Please also make sure that your inquiry is clear and accompanied by suitable visual references and examples. This doesn't mean that you only need to provide me with the commissioned artwork of your character, if you so happen to have none yet. The references can be hairstyle examples, body build examples, colour palettes etc.
If you do not have visual references, please feel free to contact me and I will provide you with a basic character sheet template, to gather all the necessary information to start on your commission. I personally find it very difficult to work purely with large blocks of text. So if you could avoid this, it would be much appreciated!


The payment for the commission must be finalized before I start on your commission. I will only begin working on your sketch, once I have received and confirmed the payment. Please do not contact me and place an inquiry, if you are unable to process the payment at this point in time. All payments must be finalized before I start the commission - I will only begin working on the sketch once I receive and confirm the payment.The only currency accepted is EUR.
Payments are processed through PayPal.
- Please make sure the payment is sent as "Friends & Family" and not "Goods and Services".
I do not accept any payments without me explicitly confirming your commission. Such payments will be regarded as donations and I bear no responsibility of refunding them.


I will always send you a sketch of your commission first, to give you the opportunity to request any changes! I am always keen on details and therefore I want to get everything right for you from the very start! However I won’t be making any changes that aren’t included in your initial inquiry which I had received prior. In case we do not come to a mutual agreement over the sketch after multiple discussions, I will refund you 75% of your original payment.The sketch is the only scheduled revision you will receive from me. But if are interested in the progress and wish to receive updates, feel free to contact me. When I turn in my final version you still have the opportunity to request minor edits such as color adjustments.

How long does it take you to finish a commission?

The standard turnaround time is 3 weeks. Sketches are fairly quick, as you can imagine, while full colored pieces take longer. Therefore, in case of a larger order, it may take me up to 5 weeks time. I always communicate with my commissioners. Therefore, should any changes in my schedule occur due to unforseen circumstances, I will make sure to notify you beforehand!Please note that the countdown starts from the date when I start working on your commission, not from the date when I receive the payment. The option of a full refund will be offered only in the case that I am not able to complete the commission within the set deadline. Commissioned work is delivered through Email & Google Drive. You will be able to receive it through Discord as well, should you require that option.

COPYRIGHT and General Use

The general artworks will include my logo, which you are not allowed to remove.
Emotes & Sticker commissions are an exception, where you’ll be provided a clean version.
Please note, that as an artist I:
- Retain all copyrights over the commissioned work.
- Have the right to cancel a commission and offer a refund, if I am unable to complete the order due to personal reasons.
- Can post the final version of your commissioned artwork on my social media and use it as a sample for my commission sheet. I will, however, always upload a low-resolution version on my social media pages, as my commissioners are the only ones who receive a high-resolution versions of the artwork. Should you not wish me to share your commission publicly, please let me know before I finalize the product.
Please note, that as a buyer you are allowed to:
- Use the artwork for personal use.
- Use the artwork to promote yourself on your own social media, including Twitch & LIVE-streaming.
- Print the artwork for personal use - as long as no monetary gains are made off the work, you are free to make prints, stickers, etc. for yourself and/or your friends.
Of course there is no obligation for you to tag me every time you post the commissioned artwork, but please make sure that my credits are easily accessible to viewers.Please note, that as a buyer you are NOT allowed to:
- Reproduce/use the copyrighted artwork commercially, ie. making money off it in any way without paying the commercial fee.
- Claim the artwork as your own.
- Remove my signature from the finished artwork.
- Alter the commissioned artwork without my consent.


Commissioning me for an artwork doesn't grant you, as a buyer, the rights to further monetize my work or make profit out of it. To acquire those rights, an additional commercial fee must be paid. A commercial fee generally costs 2-4x the price of the commissioned work. This depends on the scale of the commercial purpose and the intentions of further usage. For more information please contact me privately.The commercial fee may be purchased separately of the artwork, ie. you may commission me for a personal work at first and then pay the fee at a separate time, once you make the decision that you'd like to use it for commercial purposes.Buyers may use their commissioned artwork for streaming purposes without paying the commercial fee. I do not consider streaming activity as commercial usage.Therefore you can use my artwork without any commercial fees, for streaming on platforms such as Twitch or Youtube.




Simple sketch of your character. Can be done in both outline or pencil optic!You get: Original file in 350 dpi, 5200 x 3700 px

Headshot 20€
Halfbody 25€
Fullbody 30€

+ soft colour option for the eyes or facial features (optional)Prices displayed are for a single character.
Additional characters can be discussed! Prices may vary depending on the design complexity (such as armor, weapons etc.)

Soft shading

Soft and pastel-like shading of your character. Very beautiful looking on prints!You get: Original file in 350 dpi, 5200 x 3700 px, JPG and PNG options are both possible.

Headshot 35€
Halfbody 55€
Fullbody 80€

+ soft/pastel colour for the background (optional)Prices displayed are for a single character.
Additional characters can be discussed! Prices may vary depending on the design complexity (such as armor, weapons etc.)

full colour

Fully detailed and complex shaded art piece of your character!You get: Original file in 350 dpi, 5200 x 3700 px, JPG and PNG options are both possible.

Headshot 65€
Halfbody 85€
Fullbody 120€

Prices displayed are for a single character.
Additional characters can be discussed! Backgrounds are possible but will be charged extra. Prices may vary depending on the design complexity (such as armor, weapons etc.)

Twitch Assets

Get your Streamer needs here, WOHOOO! :) I offer custom icon packs and stream assets for your Twitch needs and Discord servers!The icons are in PNG format and available in the common sizes of: 28 x 28, 56 x 56 and 112 x 112!Twitch banners can be designed individually! Generally I offer the 600 x 600 png. files :)

1 emote 20€
3 emotes 55€
1 banner 45€
3 banners 120€

Discord & Telegram stickers

Spicy up your Discord server with your very own customized stickers! Or would you like to have a fully personalised pack for your Telegram?I offer sticker packs for Discord & Telegram, the images are 350 dpi and 512 x 512 px!

1 sticker 35€
3 stickers 90€
5 stickers 140€
10 stickers 300€
15 stickers 465€


If your interest in commissioning me has been spiked, leave the message below or contact me by using my social media profiles below! I will inform you if my commissions are currently open!

Thank you

I will get in touch!
Yours Yokufo


Get yourself some cute avatars bouncing on your screen when you stream! I offer two pictures with closed and open mouth :D

1 avatar 50€
- 2 pictures:
open and closed mouth included!
1 avatar 110€
- 4 pictures:
open mouth,
closed mouth,
open eyes,
closed eyes
optional: ear wiggles, hand wiggles can be discussed.Prepped for the use with: veadotube-mini player